Greek and Hebrew for the Palm


1) Interlinear Accented Greek for Palm Bible+.


UBS3 Greek Text, updated with corrections by James Tauber.

The parsing and definition are stored as footnotes.  

Under Palm OS4, this text uses the built in Greek fonts (no FontHack required).

Under Palm OS5, use Skins and Plugins options to install PB Greek 20.prc (while you are at it, install PB Hebrew 24.prc for Hebrew support)

NEW FEATURE June 2006 : Parsing and definitions now display in green and blue, so that it is easier to distinguish visually between text and footnotes

These two screen show the text with footnotes off and on respectively



Click here for this version: zGNTPlusC.PDB



2. BHS (Hebrew Old Testament)



Click here for this version: q_BHS.PDB